Zanfretta: The Story of a Man Abducted by Aliens

He even claimed to have been abducted by aliens up to six times.

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Zanfretta. Source.

In 1978, the Italian public was shocked by the alien abduction case of a man named Zanfretta. At first, many were skeptical of this man’s confession and thought it was just a joke. Until there was a lot of evidence to support his statement, including the hypnosis process, He even claimed to have been abducted by aliens up to six times.

Aliens are creatures that are thought to come from other planets. Their existence and appearance have always sparked debate. For those who do not believe and are skeptical, they think that these extraterrestrial beings are just made up, considering that there has never been strong evidence of their existence. Meanwhile, others believe that aliens do exist and that they have indeed come to visit Earth.

Of all the reported cases of alien sightings, this one from Italy is perhaps one of the most phenomenal. The witness was a trustworthy security officer, and the evidence corroborated his account.

The public, which did not believe his testimony, even challenged him to undergo a hypnosis process. The result proved that what Zanfretta said was not made up or just looking for sensation. This case is known as the Zanfretta alien abduction.

Chronology of the Alien Encounter

On the cold and snowy night of December 6, 1978, Zenfratta was on routine patrol as usual. Zanfretta is a 26-year-old man who works as a security guard. That night, Zanfretta was patrolling around alone by car.

When his car passed in front of Dr. Ettore Righi’s residence, something odd happened. Suddenly, the car’s lights went out, followed by the radio malfunctioning and the car’s engine shutting down.

Realizing that something strange was happening, he immediately checked the car. But he suddenly saw four strange lights in Dr. Ettore Righi’s yard. The strange lights were moving between the shadows of the dark trees in the yard. Zanfretta thought it was a thief and immediately alerted the police by taking a flashlight and a gun from his car.

Zanfretta then took the initiative to step over the fence and into the yard. But…



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