The Tragic Story Of Over 900 Japanese Soldiers Slaughtered By Crocodiles

The Battle of Ramree Island in 1945

L. Small
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Ever heard of Ramree Island? It is in Myanmar, and it was the most dangerous island in the world: hundreds of people died being struck by crocodiles in just one night!

Photo by Vish K on Unsplash

Since the battle of Midway 4–7 June 1942 and the death of Isoroku Yamamoto the war strategist in 1943, the Japanese imperial army has seemed to forget about victory. The increasingly powerful Allies constantly pushed his position in the Pacific. It’s like no more strategists like Yamamoto. Territories in the Pacific such as Saipan, Tinian, and Guam eventually fell to the Allies.

In Southeast Asia, although still relatively strong, allies’ opposition to the Imperial Japanese position is increasingly common. Especially in Burma (Myanmar), the British colony that japan captured at the beginning of World War II. Looking at the position of the Japanese Empire that had been pushed, the Allies must use it in this case for the British to regain its colony.

If Burma was successfully re-ruled by the British, it will practically strengthen the Allied position in the south. Burma bordered India, another British colony, and China, allies then joined which. Well, one territory in Burma that tried to be captured was Ramree Island (February 19, 1945), a small island in western Burma. The British plan to build an airbase there.

But the Japanese Empire would attempt to occupy the small island. Fighting was inevitable. Pressured by the British, the Japanese Empire eventually retreated to an area on Ramree Island humans had never touched that. The goal is certainly to build new powers instead of surrendering to the British.

They called Ramree Island as one of the most dangerous islands on earth. The island in the west of Burma has a secret inhabitant. Not a delicate creature, but an actual creature, a ferocious predatory figure of a saltwater crocodile. Among crocodile species, this is the largest. Length 7 meters and weight 997 kg.

In addition, saltwater crocodiles known as human predators. Ramree Island also inhabited by venomous snakes and scorpions and malarial mosquitoes. They are ready to prey on anyone who may come to the place.



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