The Miracle Baby Who Refused to Die Despite Being Stabbed 14 Times and Buried Alive

A baby boy has miraculously survived despite being subjected to the most horrific treatment.

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The baby was buried in a 20-centimeter-deep hole. Source.

This unfortunate tragedy happened in Khon Kaen Province, Thailand. The infant, considered to be only a few days old, was found buried with his head down in a local cemetery.

At that time, there was a cattle herder named Kachit Krongyut who was walking by when he heard the sound of a youngster screaming. He hastened to find the source of the voice.

How shocked he was to find a pile of earth with one foot sticking out! Kachit quickly went into action, digging the baby out of the soil with her hands and shouting for help.

“At first, I assumed someone had buried their pet alive, but then I noticed a foot,” Kachit told local media. “I attempted to restrain myself and called for help. “The baby was interred with its face facing down.”

Her husband, Pornchai, who helped, said the baby was buried in a 20-centimeter-deep hole. After retrieving the infant from a small grave, Kachit discovered that he had been stabbed 14 times across his body.

Someone had abandoned him to die.

The baby was discovered buried alive in a shallow grave under a eucalyptus tree. Source.

The infant was transported to the Wangai hospital, where physicians determined that he had been maltreated since birth. It turned out that the pressure exerted by the dirt had saved his life by stemming the flow of blood from the knife wounds.

The surgical procedure to treat the wound caused by the knife stab lasted for more than three hours.

The physician stated that this was a miracle resulting from divine intervention. From the very beginning of the operation, we were very pessimistic that we couldn’t save this baby’s life. This is truly extraordinary; we can witness His greatness firsthand.

Doctors said that the pressure of the soil on Aidan’s delicate body saved him from bleeding to death.



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