The Haunting of 50 Berkeley Square: The Unsolved Mystery of the Most Haunted House in London

From tortured souls to mutated monsters, a building in Berkeley Square, England, conceals a mystery that has yet to be resolved

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A building in Berkeley Square, England, conceals a mystery that has yet to be resolved. Since the 1950s, police have warned against using a particular room in the building, which is currently occupied by Maggs Bros. The mystery surrounding 50 Berkeley Square dates back to the 18th century.

For centuries, the building has been considered one of the most haunted locations in England. There are rumors that a mysterious creature known as “The Nameless Thing of Berkeley Square” resides there.

50 Berkeley Square is where the mystery begins

Berkeley Square is a complex in the Mayfair neighborhood of London’s West End. In 1740, the structure was constructed by an architect named William Kent.

In 1789, it was reported that a young girl named Adeline, who had been tortured by her uncle, fell from the upper floor. Since then, numerous witnesses have reported seeing the ghost of a young girl standing at the window as if about to fall. Additionally, since the incident, strange sounds such as knocking, moving objects, and crying have been reported from the upper floor.

Lord George Lyttelton, an aristocrat and politician, stayed in one of the upper rooms of 50 Berkeley Square in 1872. Lyttelton was a skeptic and did not readily believe in paranormal occurrences, so he stayed there to demonstrate that there was no mystery. He also brought a firearm for protection.

In the middle of the night, he awoke abruptly. In the mist, he observed a mysterious creature in the darkness. He quickly retrieved his firearm and fired at the creature. The following morning, Lyettelton checked to see what he had shot the previous evening, but he found nothing.

In 1879, another strange occurrence occurred. A new family has moved into the apartment complex. The employer instructed the female servant to prepare a room on the second floor for the family’s guests. Nonetheless, what transpired…



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